The senior board members meets once to twice a month to establish objectives and goals for both the youth and senior board. Community support projects, upcoming banquets, youth activities, and habitat opportunities are a few of the topics which are also discussed.  Please see our calendar of events to find the next meeting to attend.

President: Jon Rosmann

Vice-President: Scott Seeliger

Treasurer: Uriah Hansen

Secretary: Emily Layton

Youth Event Coordinators: Kent Rupiper and Tyler Harms

Board Members: 

  • Ryan Ferris
  • Cody Schneider
  • Kendel Richlen
  • Dan Stephens
  • Don Sievers
  • Brian Erickson
  • Brad Huyser
  • Jared Noack
  • Tyler Howe
  • Corey McCoid
  • Doug Layton
  • Ben Alison
  • Scott Seeliger
  • Stephen Marso
  • Toby Berberich
  • Larry Hamblin
  • Ray Morley